Gadeta developed a new technology platform based on ground breaking discoveries by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kuball at the University Medical Centre Utrecht (UMCU) in The Netherlands. 


γδ Receptors display an enhanced anti-cancer reactivity based on selectively sensing metabolic changes in cancer cells resulting in a broad recognition of both hematological and solid tumors whilst leaving healthy tissue unharmed.

Marcu-Malina V. et al Blood 2011

Redirecting abT-cells against cancer cells by transfer of a broadly tumor-reactive gdT-cell receptor. 

The first description of the superiority of TEGs above conventional γδT cells.


Sebestyen Z. et al Cell Reports 2016

RhoB Mediates Phosphoantigen Recognition by Vγ9Vδ2 T Cell Receptor. 

Development of an unbiased, genome-wide screening method that identified RhoB as a critical mediator of Vγ9Vδ2 TCR activation in tumor cells.

Scheper W. et al Leukemia 2013

GammadeltaT-cells elicited by CMV-reactivation after allo-SCT cross-recognize CMV and leukemia. 

Elucidating a crucial role for γδT cells and the γδTCR in controlling leukemia relapse after allo-HSCT. This novel insight solves a long-standing riddle as to why less relapses are observed after CMV infection in the context of allo-HSCT. 

Grunder C. et al Blood 2012

Gamma9 and delta2CDR3 domains regulate functional avidity of T-cells harbouring gamma9delta2T-cell receptors. 

Discovery of the broad tumor recognition of TEGs and the CDR3-region as critical determinant